PCI IDE Legacy Document

Tom Hanan (714)932-7472 HANAN_T at a1.wdc.com
Sat Jan 8 15:18:00 PST 1994


To:		SFF & ATA Membership
From:		Tom Hanan, Western Digital
Date:		1/7/94

Subject:	PCI SIG Legacy IDE Proposal

I received revision 0.5 from Norm Ramussen in mid December and at Norms
request I waited until he was able to call me with the latest changes after
his PCI group had a chance to review the proposal. The main changes between
the 0.5 and the upcoming 0.6 document are the pin assignments for the 
Legacy connector. I have hand drawn these changes into my copy of 0.5
which I will distribute at the January SFF and ATA meetings.

Norm indicate to me that his group is almost at a point where they will start 
winding down their activities; however, there is still time for changes if
a "show stopper" if found. Norm also asked that I collect all of these issues
|from the ATA, SFF and SCSI groups since his phone and E-Mail are already

Please send me your comments over the SFF & ATA reflectors so that everyone
has a chance to participate.

	sff_reflector at sun.com
	ata at dt.wdc.com

The information provided in the Legacy 0.5 document should be considered 
preliminary and subject to change by the SFF membership. Implimentors are 
forewarned against use of this information until formally approved by the 
PCI SIG membership.

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