Tom Hanan (714)932-7472 HANAN_T at
Sat Jan 8 01:13:00 PST 1994

Welcome to the X3T10 ATA - AT Attachment reflector.

1) About The Reflector:

This reflector is managed by Western Digital in an effort to promote public 
commentary regarding topics relevant to existing and future ATA 
standardization efforts. 

This reflector is provided free of charge, no warranty is implied, and no 
responsibility or liability shall be assumed by Western Digital resulting 
|from the operation of this reflector. 

2) Subscribing To The Reflector:

The reflector is managed by the automated software package Majordomo which 
is capable of automatically responding to a wide range of user requests 
such as adding yourself or deleting yourself from a reflector list.

	subscribe <list> [<your internet address>]
	unsubscribe <list> [<your internet address>]


	subscribe ata hanan_t at
	unsubscribe ata hanan_t at
	info ata	{retrieve this message}
	help		{retrieve list of Majordomo commands}	

To obtain a list of the commands Majordomo understands, send an E-mail to
"Majordomo at" with the word "help" in the body of the E-Mail.  

Majordomo does not scan the subject line so make sure you place your 
commands in the body of the e-mail.

Since Majordomo handles several different lists make sure you include the 
<list> when you subscribe and unsubscribe.

3) FTP Availability:

Each of the supported reflector lists has an anonymous FTP directory which 
is available at "". Presently the following directories 
are available.

	/pub/atapi/SFF8020r1.1	{SFF 8020 r1.1 ATAPI eps & rtf files}
	/pub/ata/X3T9791D	{X3T9 791D ATA 4a ASCII & rtf files}
	/pub/sff/SFF8020r1.1	{SFF 8020 r1.1 ATAPI eps & rtf files}
	/pub/sff/SFF8011r1.2	{SFF 8011 r1.2 Local bus timing text files}

Note that the above list of FTP directories is only an example since the 
actual directory structure will change as new documents are made available.

At some future date a history file of reflected mail will be available in 
the FTP directory for each reflector. This should help first time users and 
users with unreliable e-mail delivery.

4) If You Encounter Problems:

If you encounter internet addressing problems while using this reflector 
please e-mail "Majordomo-owner at".

If you have problems or suggestions regarding how the reflector is managed 
please send them to "hanan_t at". 

Please remember that Majordomo is an off the shelf program with only the 
commands you see when you ask for"help" available.

5) Majordomo "help":

>>>> help 
This is Brent Chapman's "Majordomo" mailing list manager, Revision 1.46. 
It understands the following commands: 
    subscribe <list> [<address>] 
        Subscribe yourself (or <address> if specified) to the named <list>. 
    unsubscribe <list> [<address>] 
        Unsubscribe yourself (or <address> if specified) from the named 
    which [<address>] 
        Find out which lists you (or <address> if specified) are on. 
    who <list> 
        Find out who is on the named <list>. 
    info <list> 
        Retrieve the general introductory information for the named <list>. 
        Show the lists served by this Majordomo server. 
    who <list> 
        Find out who is on the named <list>. 
    info <list> 
        Retrieve the general introductory information for the named <list>. 
        Show the lists served by this Majordomo server. 
        Retrieve this message. 
        Stop processing commands (useful if your mailer adds a signature). 
Commands should be sent in the body of an email message to 
"Majordomo at". 
Commands in the "Subject:" line NOT processed. 
If you have any questions or problems, please contact 
"Majordomo-Owner at". 

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