Invitation to 1394 demo suite

Smyers, Scott SMYERS.S at
Thu Jan 6 15:02:00 PST 1994

Apple Computer would like to invite you to a hospitality suite to see a
demonstration of 1394 (Byte Magazine's pick for most significant technology at
Fall Comdex '93).
At the suite:
    Adaptec will be showing an animation running on a Windows NT system
        connected to a CD-ROM through a 1394 port
    Apple will be showing the same hardware it showed at Comdex, which
        includes two hardware setups:
        -   A Macintosh computer playing a full motion, compressed video
            from an IBM/SSD 1394 prototype disk drive
        -   A 3 node system where one of the systems is receiving isochronous
            live video data from an emulated 1394 camera at the same time
            that it is receiving asynchronous data from an emulated hard
There will be plenty of food and refreshments.
    Location:   Catamaran Hotel, San Diego, suite #200
    Time:       5PM to 9PM
    Date:       Wednesday, January 12, 1994

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