descriptor use in RAID internal devices

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Wed Feb 23 11:56:20 PST 1994

Hi Gerry.

I'll make your suggested change in the next revision. Note that we
have decided not to define a bunch of new SCSI device types, but will
handle these special subsystem-only cases by a method similar to
that already in use for RAID volumes. Thanks for looking over the
various RAID proposals; any comments are always welcome.

Doug Hagerman
Digital Equipment

>_From: Gerry Houlder at SEAGATE
>Subj:	review of 94-025
>[The draft] Additional Device Models document has a section on console
>devices (section 4). 
>I have a comment about the same item in sections 4.2.3 (READ ASCII command), 
>4.2.4 (Write ASCII command), 4.2.5 (Read Bits command), and 4.2.6 (Write Bits 
>All of these commands return a descriptor that includes a "descriptor length". 
>The text in each case says "the descriptor length value includes the length 
>byte itself". It would be more consistent with other SCSI commands that have a 
>descriptor length field in a descriptor (e.g. MODE SENSE, INQUIRY, REQUEST 
>SENSE, REASSIGN BLOCKS commands) to have the descriptor length value "indicate 
>the number of additional bytes available". This doesn't include the length 
>field itself, or any fields prior the the length field. 

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