Proposal for resolving SAM Open Issues.

Charles Monia, SHR3-2/W4, 237-6757, 15-Feb-1994 1742 monia at
Tue Feb 15 14:42:32 PST 1994

The note is a proposal for resolving the SAM open issues summarized  below:

1) Rules for the return of autosense data by the logical unit.

a) If and only if a command terminates with a CHECK CONDITION or COMMAND

b) Any time sense data is available after completion of a command,
   regardless of status. E.g., on the occurrence of a recovered error
   after a status of GOOD was returned.

In reviewing the responses, I believe there's a slight numerical bias in favor 
of alternative a) but no strong feeling one way or another.

I propose to include alternative a) in the next revision of SAM. If anyone
objects, I will ask that the issue be placed on the next working group agenda
for discussion.

2) Logical unit response to CLEAR ACA while an ACA task is active.

a)	The CLEAR ACA task management function shall cause the
	ACA command to be aborted.

b)	The CLEAR ACA task management function shall not affect
	the pending ACA command. However, other pending commands
	may then complete.

George Penokie poinmted out that alternative a) is currently specified
in X3T9.2/92-141R8. Since that behavior is what SAM currently describes, I will
make no change. I consider this issue closed.

Charles Monia

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