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John Lohmeyer jlohmeye at ncr-mpd.FtCollinsCO.NCR.COM
Mon Feb 14 08:22:25 PST 1994

"Steve Finch wrote:"
> Is Ultra SCSI for differential only?  I think it will have to be, as 
> single ended has significant problems.  
  .... meat deleted ....
> Out of curiosity, is anyone out there coming to the March 3 Ultra SCSI 
> meeting thinking this idea is a done deal?

Yeah, I think that Ultra SCSI is easier to do as a differential-only
solution.  However, I think it might be hard to explain this to the 80%+
single-ended SCSI market.  There are a couple possibilities regarding
Ultra single-ended:

   1. Don't allow it.
   2. Restrict it (e.g., 15 Mrep/sec or controlled environment where slew
      rates can be faster)

By the way, I hope no one is planning to come to the Ultra SCSI meeting
on March 3rd...unless I missed a change in date, Jim McGrath announced
this meeting for May 2nd, but meant March 2nd.  What day is it really?!?
And what times?


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