Planning for January 1995 meeting.

Steve Finch TFINCHS%A1.VAX2T.mrouter at
Fri Feb 11 15:50:30 PST 1994

Currently, the November 1994, January 1995 and March 1995 meetings are all 
scheduled for Southern California (Newport and Irvine).  There has been 
some suggestion that this might be a little boring.

Since I am (really Silicon Systems is) the host of the January 1995 
meeting, I have been looking around at other possible sites.

Silicon Systems hosted an ATM meeting in January of this year in Lake 
Tahoe, California.  The meeting was similar to ours:  lots of engineers, 
parallel sessions, and some meetings going into the evenings.  All of the 
arrangements were made by SSi's marketing communications group (the same 
ones who are going to do all of the work in setting up the January 95 X3T10 
meeting as I wouldn't have volunteered if I had to do all the work), and 
they were amazed at the fact that the engineer types actually stayed around 
and worked....

After some thought, Lake Tahoe sounded like a great idea.  But Lake Tahoe 
is often thought of as a resort area, as January usually has good skiing 
and Reno is just a few miles away.  So I am concerned that some out there 
may have an objections to this location.

I am assured that the facilities are great.  Plenty of meeting rooms to 
handle all of our parallel meetings, good support from the hotel, lots of 
rooms, and the price will meet our "under $100" goals.

I need to book the hotel soon, so I am sending out this message to see if 
anyone has a serious objection.  If you do, or you feel you company would 
refuse to send you there, please send back a message to me.  I also suggest 
you send the same message to John Lohmeyer and Dal Allan (X3T10 Chair and 
Vice Chair).


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