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Thu Feb 10 08:55:15 PST 1994

Charles Monia asked about two SAM questions. (Note on 2/8)
1) When should a LUN return Autosense: Upon completion of ANY command
or only upon completion of COMMAND TERMINATED or CHECK CONDITION.
2) Should pending ACA commands be aborted or resumed after a CLEAR
ACA task management function is received.

As for 1), I would favor returning autosense data ONLY upon completion
of a command with a CHECK CONDITION or COMMAND TERMINATED for the
reason Charles gave. This is the only performance which can be
emulated in parallel SCSI.

For 2) I would favor resuming all pending ACA commands upon receipt of
a clear ACA task management function. Before sending the Clear ACA,
the initiator had the opportunity to abort all the pending commands
which it wished to abort and it also had the option of leaving other
commands pending. If the Clear ACA task management request cleared
everything, the initiator would not have the opportunity to leave ANY
commands pending. There does not seem to be any value in denying the
initiator the option to leave some of the commands pending.
                                      Giles R. Frazier
                                      IBM Austin
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