ljlamers at ljlamers at
Wed Feb 9 07:26:39 PST 1994

SUBJ: New Address

Larry Lamers has changed employers - he now works for Adaptec.  The
pertinent information is contained in the signature below.

However, since nothing in life is ever as straightforward as it should be
note that if you are sending packages via any route other that the
U.S. Mail, these packages should be sent to

    Lawrence J. Lamers
    698 Gibraltar Court
    Milpitas, CA   95035


Lawrence J. Lamers
Adaptec                    TEL: 408-945-8600 ext 3214
691 Milpitas Bvld          FAX: 408-957-7193
Milpitas, CA   95035       EMAIL: LJLAMERS at ADAPTEC.COM

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