new subscribers, background

Larry Berdahl berdahl at
Thu Feb 3 10:10:16 PST 1994

There have been a large number of people jumping onto this reflector.
So, Welcome!  We are attempting to address the bandwidth problem for
large data transfers between machines.  We have decided that part of
this solution must involve parallel data transfer and are proposing a
scalable parallel IO protocol to allow this.  The decision to pursue
this path was the result of a meeting between most parallel computing
companies, some major user groups, device manufacturers, and mass
storage groups last June.  The first full proposal is now being
circulated for review and position statements.  There is a bias on this
reflector, and that bias is that those with financial interests at
stake have a dominant say in the development.  The proposal
is available in postscript form:

	login:	draft.		the lowercase word- draft -followed by a period
	passwd:	draft.
	get	is the postscript printable file.

We are holding our shots for now, until everyone has had a chance to
get through the proposal,  otherwise all the new people will miss the
feedback.  We'll begin shooting in a week or so.

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