SCSI-3 parameter rounding rules

Charles Monia monia at
Wed Dec 28 13:07:50 PST 1994

Ralph Weber's note said in part:

>.......................................................with the exception 
>of Parameter Rounding, everything that was in SAM R12 also was in SAM R13.
>I cannot remember being informed of any planned relocation of the Parameter 
>Rounding clause from the SAM to the SPC.  So, I must wonder of the omission 
>of Parameter Rounding was intentional or accidential.  Hopefully, we can get 
>this sorted out in fairly short order.

Hi Ralph:

The omission of the parameter rounding rules from SAM was intentional.

This clause, along with the tables specifying explicit CDB formats was deleted
|from SAM and targeted for inclusion in SPC in response to comments received
during the document review held in November 1993 and the subsequent Working
Group in January 1994. SAM revision 13, which was published in March reflected
these decisions.


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