SCSI-3 parameter rounding rules

Ralph Weber -- VMS -- ZKO3-4/U14 weber at
Wed Dec 28 11:57:54 PST 1994

On 17 November, Gerry Houlder wrote:

> The SCSI-2 standard has a section that defines rules for parameter rounding
> (clause 6.5.4 in rev. 10k -- this might be different in the final release).
> I can't find this information in either SAM or SPC, which seem like the
> logical places to find this. Can anyone tell me where in SCSI-3 this
> information is?
> To John Lohmeyer: If the information hasn't been included in any SCSI-3
> document, would you please cover this subject in the next editor's meeting
> so that the information is included somewhere?

SAM R12 (circa Sept. 1993) contained clause 6.5.5 (Parameter Rounding) as 
a sub-clause of clause 6.5 (Command Processing Considerations and Exception 
Conditions).  The table of contents for the "local group" of clauses was as 

   6.5.3 Overlapped Commands
   6.5.4 Incorrect Logical Unit Selection
   6.5.5 Parameter Rounding
   6.5.6 Sense Data
   6.5.7 Asynchronous Event Reporting
   6.5.8 Autosense
   6.6 Unit Attention Condition

SAM R13 (circa April 1994) had clsue 6.5 renumbered to 4.6 but the title 
(Command Processing Considerations and Exception Conditions) was unchanged.
Also, the sub-clauses had changed to:

   4.6.2 Overlapped Commands
   4.6.3 Incorrect Logical Unit Selection
   4.6.4 Sense Data Asynchronous Event Reporting Autosense
   4.6.5 Unit Attention Condition

You will note some reorganization of the topics.  However, with the exception 
of Parameter Rounding, everything that was in SAM R12 also was in SAM R13.

I cannot remember being informed of any planned relocation of the Parameter 
Rounding clause from the SAM to the SPC.  So, I must wonder of the omission 
of Parameter Rounding was intentional or accidential.  Hopefully, we can get 
this sorted out in fairly short order.


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