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X3 Announces the Public Comment Period of X3.268:199x, Information 
Technology - SCSI-3 Serial Bus Protocol (SBP)

Washington, D.C. , December 23, 1994 -- Accredited Standards Committee 
X3, Information Technology is announcing the public comment period of 

The comment period extends from January 20, 1995 through March 21, 

This draft standard defines a protocol to deliver SCSI command, data, and 
status over an IEEE 1394 High Performance Serial Bus physical interface. It 
conforms to the SCSI-3 Architectural Model (SAM) and the IEEE 1212 
Control and Status Registers standards.  All devices implementing SBP shall 
meet the mandatory requirements of IEEE 1394, IEEE 1212 and SAM.

A call for patents and pertinent issues (copyrights, trademarks) is now 
being issued by the X3 Secretariat.

Comments and correspondence should be submitted to: X3 Secretariat, 
Attn.:  Lynn Barra, 1250 Eye Street NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC  20005.  
Send a copy to: American National Standards Institute, Attn.: BSR Center, 
11 West 42nd Street, New York, NY  10036.

Copies of this draft can be purchased for $25.00 (domestic), $32.50 
(international) by contacting Global Engineering Documents, Inc., 15 
Inverness Way East, Englewood, CO 80112-5704. 1(800)854-7179 or 

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