Attached Medium Changer Operation Codes

Ralph Weber -- VMS -- ZKO3-4/U14 weber at
Tue Dec 27 15:11:28 PST 1994

I have reviewed the SCSI Reflector debate regarding the conflicts between 
operation codes for MOVE MEDIUM and READ ELEMENT STATUS and some existing 
CD-ROM operation codes.  My reading of the debate suggests that no consensus 
solution has been defined.

Therefore, I expect that the issue will be discussed (and maybe resolved) at 
the January X3T10 Working Group meeting.  I urge anyone with an opinion on 
this subject to be sure that their representative(s) to X3T10 are prepared to 
cover the MOVE MEDIUM and READ ELEMENT STATUS operations codes issue.  Don't 
let lack of representation cause X3T10 to make a decision that you later must 
write a public review comment about.



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