January WG Time to Update SCSI PlugnPlay

Lohmeyer, John JLOHMEYE at cosmpdaero.ftcollinsco.ncr.com
Thu Dec 22 21:15:00 PST 1994

While I am not convinced that many of the updates to SCAM, SPI, and Fast 20 
directly affect the PnP SCSI Specification, I do believe that it is time 
that the industry re-visit the PnP Specification.  The only (X3T10-induced) 
change that I am sure should be made to PnP SCSI is to delete the reference 
the the SCAM proposal (or at least change it to point at Annex B of SPI).  I 
suspect there may be other changes that should be made now that the industry 
has implemented first-round PnP SCSI products.

I will allocate time Tuesday late afternoon/evening (4:00 -- ??) of the SCSI 
Working Group meeting to discuss the PnP Specification.  All people 
interested in PnP SCSI are, of course, welcome to participate whether or not 
they normally participate on other X3T10 activities.

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