January WG Time to Update SCSI PlugnPlay

Gene Milligan Gene_Milligan at notes.seagate.com
Thu Dec 22 04:23:58 PST 1994

As you know X3T10 has made updates to SCAM, SPI, and Fast 20 which impact their 
synchronization with PlugnPlay. Since these updates were made on a sound 
technical basis, I think most parties, if not all, are in agreement that we 
should quickly agree on an update to the Plug and Play document.

I recognize that the Plug and Play document is not a X3T10 project but the cast 
of characters are mostly X3T10 participants or close observers. Since WG time 
is also not strictly official and is merely advisory, I presume devoting some 
time to the Plug and Play synchronization would not only be allowable but would 
also be a good "public review" test of the related X3T10 documents. 
Consequently I am requesting that you allocate WG time to developing a  X3T10 
request for changes to the Plug and Play document. This request would be highly 
facilitated if we requested that Steve Timm lead this portion of the WG meeting.

Since time is short (but greater than two weeks) and the holidays make it more 
cumbersome to arrange I am making this request rather public (copying the 
reflector) to be a pseudo notice of the WG session - subject to your rescinding 
or to your specification of an actual day and time. The place would be Harrahs 
South Lake Tahoe.

If you need any more official reason to include this subject in a SCSI WG I 
would volunteer to include the need for synchronization of Plug and Play as a 
comment on my Fast 20 letter ballot.

Since I know (presume) you are on vacation/holidays, I suspect you are more 
likely to get this by modem, but I will also leave you a phone message with the 


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