attached MC Op Codes

MGauthier MGauthier at
Fri Dec 9 08:54:21 PST 1994

Subject:     RE>>attached MC Op Codes
>The problem we were attempting to solve is the association problem, not the 
>inability of some systems to cope with nonzero LUNs.  Of course, this 
>solution also helps with that problem.

Why not just an INQUIRY or MODE page initiators can read (or set) to
determine the association?  For simple cases where everything is behind
one SCSI device, this would be trivial to implement.  More complex cases
(which the current proposal does not address) could be dealt with by
implementors by providing some form of flash memory, and allowing initiators
to set and save the appropriate mode page(s) in an initial configuration
procedure; or whatever other, vendor-specific means of discovering / setting
the association instead where that is preferable.

The pages could be those of the medium changer device (eg. a list of served
devices), of the devices served by the medium changer (eg. which medium
changer, if any, serves a particular device), or both.


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