Bus Device Reset Other port

Jeff Williams jlw at hpbs1506.boi.hp.com
Fri Dec 2 08:30:04 PST 1994

> Tom Wickland's original message asked whether the target should
> (A) Go bus free, or
> (B) Continue processing the command.
> The original intent was to do (B). This should be imputed from the SIP
> description because messages like BUS DEVICE RESET or ABORT that are supposed
> to go to bus free have clear statements that the drive shall go to bus free.
> Since this action is not mandated, the target is expected to continue with
> normal processing after doing the message function.
> It was anticipated that the initiator may send the BUS DEVICE RESET message
> after the BUS DEVICE RESET OTHER PORT message in many situations, which will
> effectively reset everything. It seems possible to continue processing the
> current command in the case of a partial reset, however, so this should not be
> excluded.

I would prefer to see a BUS FREE.  What option does an initiator have
when it wishes to ONLY reset the other port?  Outbound disconnect?  Abort
Tag?  There aren't many choices.  A BUS FREE gives the most flexibility
and is simple to implement.  Anything other than this is added complexity.

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