Fiber Channel

Giora Golan GioraG at
Wed Aug 31 19:42:00 PDT 1994

>From: Trimm Industries
>Subject: Fiber Channel
>Date: Friday, August 19, 1994 1:45PM
>Yes, we at Trimm are designing a series of FC enclosures right now,
>for shipment late this year.  Why do you ask?
>Gary M. Watson
>Trimm Industries
>North Hollywood, CA
>(800) 423-2024
>trimm at
RADWAY International Ltd. is a member of the $135M RAD group of
communication companies, concentration on access products to the
emerging Fibre Channel networks. Among our products we develop a router 
FC networks  with legacy LANs using TCP/IP , we are also developing
a Fibre Channel  to SCSI converter (FCP to SCSI-II).
Can you send me a brief description of Trimm and its FC products ??

Giora Golan.

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