TB, DTE and PER bit interaction

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Wed Aug 24 13:29:57 PDT 1994

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AUTHOR:    Alan Olson

DATE:      08/24/94
SUBJECT:   Re: TB, DTE and PER bit interaction

Gerry Houlder writes:
 > I can't point to wording on this either, but SCSI has always taken the
 > that recovered data is always transferred - that is why the TB bit has
 > to limit its effect to unrecoverable errors only. If DTE says to
 terminate a
 > transfer due to a recoverable error, it should terminate after the
 > block is transferred.

 In the sequential world (sec, the DTE description specifically
 states that "all data from the recovered block shall be transferred prior
 to terminating the read-write operation."  I think disk drives and tape
 should behave similarly with regards error recovery parameters.

 2 cents from a tape guy...

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