wierdness in write(10) and read(10)

Doug Hagerman "serve::hagerman" at starch.enet.dec.com
Mon Aug 22 11:20:21 PDT 1994

Here's a random wierdness in the read(10) and write(10) commands:
They use slightly different definitions for the reserved field in
Byte 1 of their CDBs. Specifically,

Read(10)  has 1 2-bit field.
Write(10) has 2 1-bit fields.

The section on Request Sense says we have to report mis-use of these
two differently because one is a field and the other is two bits. Somebody
here pointed this out, but I've always told my kids not to swear so I
was at a loss as to what to say to him...   :*)

I assume there is no hidden agenda behind this, right?


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