Small but Significant Correction to The X3T10 Minutes.

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at
Mon Aug 15 22:43:46 PDT 1994

After careful consideration of the intent and capabilities of 
the SCA connector, I have placed a single signal called
"Diff Sense" on pin 46 of the connector for differential
devices and "ground" on pin 46 of the connector for single-ended

The continuous wire connected to pin 46 will be pulled up and
detected as a differential signal by drives with differential
capability.  The installation of any single-ended device on
the connector will automatically pull down the entire line and
disable the differential drivers.  If the backplane is for
single-ended drives only, all pin 46s can be grounded directly.

No auxuliary ground is required.  

Three pins now remain reserved.  I have plans for them, which 
I will tell you all about soon.


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