Dal Allan dal at
Mon Aug 15 15:01:08 PDT 1994

          To:  Friends of Bill Spence

I have been contacted by Linda Spence, in which she said that Bill's family 
is honored by the thoughts of a memorial dinner. 

Some of Bill's children are likely to attend, and Linda may be able to also 
as she is due to return to Texas about that time. 

The dinner will be on the evening of September 13 after the SCSI Working 
Group. So far, I have almost a dozen acceptances to attend. 

It would be churlish of us to expect the family to pay for a dinner honoring 
Bill, so ENDL will cover the cost family attendees. I will let everybody 
know the expected individual costs after arrangements are made with the 

Please let me know if you can attend, because the numbers will affect the 
size of the room that we need. I have to tie down the plans now.


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