SIP Editor

Duncan Penman penman at
Sun Aug 14 22:35:37 PDT 1994

Hello all,
	As John announced at the July meeting, I've signed on
to edit the SIP document.  I had a crash project to finish before 
getting started on this, and that project wrapped up last week, so 
I'm now ready to take a serious look at this.
	By way of introduction, I'm the training manager and main
instructor for a company called Zadian Technologies.  Zadian's
main business is production test equipment; SCSI, IDE, and PCMCIA
seminars are a small but lively sideline.
	I think the main task for this document is not new content, 
but rather rewriting it in a manner consistent with SAM.  Several 
X3T10 members have said they will consult or review as needed.
Still, it is quite possible there are issues that I'm unaware of that
will affect content.  I'd like to know of these now if possible, so
feel free to send me anything relevant at your earliest convenience.
	More later; for now I'm off to see if Framemaker is as much
fun as everyone says......

Duncan Penman
Zadian Technologies, Inc
Phone: (408)894-0800 x35
Fax:   (408)894-0880
Email: penman at

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