Where to get your nice shiny new FCP Revision 9 document

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at eng.sun.com
Fri Aug 12 01:34:27 PDT 1994

The Fibre Channel Protocol for SCSI, Revision 9, is newly updated to
reflect the revision that I hope will be forwarded by the next SCSI plenary.

The document is available by anonymous ftp from the computer
playground.sun.com in post-script form in the file /pub/fibrechannel/FCPRev9.ps

For those of you unfamiliar with ftp:

execute the line command:

	ftp playground.sun.com  (or contact your system administrator for
				your local version of the same command)

login as:


use your own internet address as the password:

	name.modifier at company.com

execute the command:

	cd /pub/fibrechannel

execute the rather long command:

	get FCPRev9.ps [your destination file-name and path]

execute the command:


drag and drop your new copy of the file from your file manager to your
print tool and off you go.

If this doesn't work, I will cheerfully send you an
electronic copy through e-mail, but that would chew a lot of
bandwidth to send to everybody.  A copy will also be in the
SCSI mailing.


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