Incorporating Dual Port proposal into SAM

Charles Monia, SHR3-2/W3, 237-6757 12-Aug-1994 0041 monia at
Thu Aug 11 21:39:54 PDT 1994

Charles Binford wrote:

>Gerry Houlder's comments (attached below) are confusing to me.  I thought SAM 
>said the "task set" was put into contingent allegiance (CA).  The task set 
>defined by SAM is per logical unit, not per initiator/logical unit.
>How can the CA be on a "per intitator" basis as Gerry suggests?

Normally, a hard reset clears all ACA conditions. I believe Gerry's intent
for a dual port system is to have a version of hard reset that only clears ACA 
conditions caused by commands received from a specific port. An ACA caused by
a command from the other port would remain in effect across this kind of hard 
reset. I don't believe this changes the definition of an ACA or a task set.


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