ABORT TASK requirements

Gary Stephens 73632.1106 at compuserve.com
Thu Aug 11 09:57:43 PDT 1994

In SCSI-2, a given initiator could only have tagged or untagged tasks in a
single logical unit.  That is, there was never a mix of task types.  In
SAM, we relaxed the rule in clause 3.6.3, Object (6), to permit an
unlimited amount of both types of tasks at the same time.  Now it becomes
important to be able to select the untagged task and abort it.  FCP has a
unique identifier for each task whether it is tagged or untagged.

SAM loosely implies that if a logical unit supports tagged tasks, it
supports the ABORT TASK task management function for its untagged tasks as
well.  This is not clearly stated.  The following text would make this
clear in clause 5.1 to replace paragraph 1:

	If a logical unit supports tagged tasks, it shall support 
	ABORT TASK for both tagged and untagged tasks.  If a logical
	unit does not support tagged tasks, ABORT TASK may be supported
	(e.g., for FCP where there are multiple untagged tasks, 
	see 3.6.3).

With this small clarification, I think that the task management functions
are clean.

Gary Stephens

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