Small but Significant Correction to The X3T10 Minutes.

Gene Milligan Gene_Milligan at
Thu Aug 11 08:03:20 PDT 1994

The minutes state "10.13    Differential Sense [Snively]
Bob described a problem where the differential sense line was omitted from
the SCA connector.  Bob asked whether the SCA connector needs a differential
sense line?  That is, do SCSI devices at the end of a wire need to know that
they are running differential?  Bob asked the committee to consider the issue
and prepare to discuss it at the next meeting.
Gene Milligan described a new issue from SFF, also regarding differential
sense.  The area of concern is a backplane definition for SFF.  The backplane
currently has a pin for the differential sense line.  Gene wants the location
of the pin moved.  Gene's proposal generated lots of discussion and a
specific recommendation was not forwarded to SFF (where it was resolved the
next day)."
 The backplane does not actually "currently have a pin for the differential
sense line". The SFF  Chairman  had added such a pin for consideration at this
meeting. New backplane designs should add the pin as agreed to by the SFF
meeting the next day.
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