SAM Revision 14

Gary Stephens 73632.1106 at
Tue Aug 9 10:16:47 PDT 1994

Clause 3.2.1, para. 2, page 25 says that an application client is created
for each COMMAND.  This is inconsistent with SCSI-2 CAM which creates one
CCB for each command in a linked list of commands.  That is, an
application client is created for each task.

I realize that most tasks are a single command, but this rule in SAM is
opposed to the structure in CAM.  

I propose that one application client be created for each task,
independent of the number of commands the task contains.  If a host is
working from a profile that has no linking, like FCSI FCP for Disks, then
the effect is the same.  For other device classes or other profiles, the
structure permits operation similar to what CAM provides today.

This change should go into SAM R15, or before public review.

Gary Stephens

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