Connector Dimensioning Comment

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Fri Aug 5 14:17:17 PDT 1994

>From Ian Morrell/Circuit Assembly Corp.

Review of SCSI-3 Parallel Interface Working Draft  X3T10 855D Rev 12c
31-MAR-94, Figure 5 (Nonshielded cable connector, page 11) and Figure 7
(Shielded cable connector, page 13):  

Dimension A8 extension lines drawn to different points on contact.  Fig 5
shows extension lines at intersection point of Dimension A16 R and A10, where
Fig 7 shows extension lines at horizontal tangent point of Dimension A19 R.
 Dimension A8 is same value (0,396 +/- 0,010) in both figures.  Which figure
shows correct extension lines?

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