Jeff Williams jlw at
Tue Aug 2 06:52:38 PDT 1994

> The way I look at it is as follows: In class 1 and 2,
> potentially hundreds of ABTS/LS operations do not need to be done if
> FCP remains unchaged. This is because a very large number of exchanges
> may exist but a very small number of sequences may be ambiguous at the
> target. (Please refer to FCP 8b for definition of ambiguous.)
> This situation occurs when the initiator has a very
> large number of commands (open exchanges) at the target but the target
> only has a single ambiguous exchange. (e.g. one of the exchanges has
> an unacknowledged frame but all the rest of the exchanges are
> quiescient--the target has acknowledged the command but is accessing
> the data.)

FCP also defines ambiguous as from an intiator other than the one 
which sent the task management function.  This means that I must 
ABTS all commands for other initiators which potentially is a large
number.  These other commands may or may not be active.

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