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Subject:  X3.131-1994 ANSI Editorial Comments

LJL - The following changes were requested by Bob Hager, the ANSI
editor on SCSI-2.  I have complied with his requests by doing the
obvious except where noted.  The really big help I need is from
the tape folks on table 198 - see the list of deleted references
below - if any of you know of approved ANSI or ISO standards for
those formats please inform me.  Note that only the reference was
deleted the codes and tape attributes are still there.

Change all references of "International Standard" to "standard".

References to other documents (from within tables)
There are 3 tables in X3.131-1994 (tables 101, 153, and 198)
which contain references to other documents.

The following referenced documents are out-of-date versions.
Table     Current Reference   Replaced by
101  X3.131-1986         ANSI X3.131-1994 (SCSI-2)
101  X3.130-1986         ANSI/ISO 9318-2-1990
101  X3.132-1987         ANSI/ISO 9318-3-1990
101  X3.147-1987         ANSI/ISO 9318-4-1992
153  X3.137              X3.137-1988

The following documents do not exist.
Table     Current Reference   Replaced by
101  X3.91M-1990         X3.91M-1987
198  X3.202-1991         Deleted. (withdrawn from consideration
on 12/13/91).
198  X3.193-1990         X3.197.1991

The following references are to draft documents.
Table     Current Reference   Replaced by
101  X3T9.3/87-002       deleted reference
198  X3B5/87-099         deleted reference
198  X3B5/86-199         deleted reference
198  X3B5/88-185A        deleted reference
198  X3B5/91-174         deleted reference

The following references are to documents that are not drafts or
Table     Current Reference   Replaced by
198  HI-TC1, 2      deleted
198  QIC-120        deleted
198  QIC-150        deleted
198  QIC-320        deleted
198  QIC-1350       deleted

Internal cross-references
Pg. 21, Table 2:  Note 4:  should be "See 5.4.4"
Pg. 130, 8.2.15:  2nd paragraph:  should be "See 8.3.1"
Pg. 203, Table 152:  Non-medium error page: (4 missing)
Pg. 233, 10.1.5, last paragraph on page:  "Refer to 10.5.5 and
10.7...":  these clauses do not exist.  Proper reference?
     LJL - correct reference is 7.5.5 and 7.7.
Pg. 241, 10.2.4 (a), (b):  Are references to 10.4 accurate?  10.4
is definitions.
     LJL - correct reference is 10.1.8.
Pg. 264,  End of 2nd sentence:  should there be a
reference to here to be consistent with 1st sentence of
Pg. 374, 3rd paragraph:  should reference to MODE SENSE page be as in 1st paragraph.
     LJL - correct reference is
Pg. 380, 2nd to last paragraph:  As with above, should the
reference here be
     LJL - correct reference is

Misc. higher priority
Pg. 43,  Syntax of last sentence unclear... missing a
     LJL - deleted " that..".
Pg. 91, Note 62(d):  What is meant by "the ANSI version".  Avoid
using ANSI as a term or adjective.
     LJL - corrected field reference to .."the ANSI-approved
Pg. 102, beginning with 1st paragraph:  There should be
consistent treatment of the placement and use of RMB.  Shouldn't
it always appear as "removable medium bit (RMB)"?  Is it
redundant to say "RMB bit"?  There is another reference to this
just after Table 165.
Pg. 235, Table 10.1.8:  It's not absolutely clear which items
fall into the CONDITION column and which fall into the SENSE KEY
column.  Could it be reformatted to make this distinction
Pg. 417, Figure A.1  Our copy of this figure is blurred and
unreadable.  Also, what is meant by "please refer to the notes in
the text":  what notes?  what text?
     LJL - The file `s2-pg402.doc' on the SCSI BBS (real soon
now) contains an improved figure A.1.  Some caveats - The system
used to print this wonderfull clarified enhanced and improved
figure is not trivial and your results may vary if you attempt to
print this on a lessor, greater, different, system.  You also
must have the latest software releases of all the appropriate
software (not just version number but really have today's
release) and the correct fonts in all needed flavors (truetype
for windows, type 1 for OS/2, speedo for WP DOS) to match the
variety of environments and have consitentcy in output. A few
hundred spare megabytes of disk space is usefull for the swap
files, temporary files, spooler files (and games to play while
waiting for output).  Finally a Laserjet 4 printer with every
option in the catalog and enough memory to run Unix in its own
right is required if you expect to get a full page printout this
side of the millenium.  Other than that it is trivial.

Apparent typos
Pg. 5, 3.2:  Under SCSI-2.... "this atandard"  to "this standard"
Pg. 25,  Under IIH... add space before "to"
Pg. 26,  2nd to last paragraph... 35 mv to 35 mV
Pg. 44, Note 26:  Last sentence... insure to ensure
Pg. 90, Note 60:  mondifications to modifications
Pg. 114, 8.2.12:  lower-case c in Command in heading (for
Pg. 116, Note 82:  2nd sentence... insure to ensure
Pg. 117, Note 83:  1st sentence... insure to ensure
Pg. 118, 8.2.14:  lower-case c in Command in heading (for
Pg. 130, 8.2.15:  lower-case c in Command in heading (for
Pg. 130, 8.2.16:  lower-case c in Command in heading (for
Pg. 133,  2nd to last line, change (mode 00b) to (mode
Pg. 141,  italicize n in 2nd line
Pg. 145, 1st, 6th paragraphs:  delete hyphen in "sub-clauses"
Pg. 150, Table 101:  code 0000h:  change "cystem" to "system"
Pg. 151, Table 102:  delete s in definitions
Pg. 156, 9.1.2:  italicize n (variable)
Pg. 157, 2nd paragraph:  italicize x (variable) in all cases (see
2nd [x])
Pg. 163, Table 108:  delete hyphen in LOCK-UNLOCK CACHE and
Pg. 164, 9.2.1 (c):  hyphenate sense-key as in
Pg. 274, Table 214:  n in "Last n error" should be italic
     LJL - all variable references in tables should be italic,
     however due to a limit in the SWISS 821 typeface this is not
Pg. 277, Last paragraph:  ....are defined in table 221."
Pg. 280, Table 225:  Code 1h:  close paren at end of sentence
Pg. 327, Table 275:  01h, third line:  "If a CIRC...", not "an",
again on page
Pg 328, 2nd paragraph of 07h.
Pg. 352, 16.1.1:  2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence:  Cap C on
Pg. 356, 16.2.3:  1st sentence:  delete "to" after "target"
Pg. 359, Table 305:  Upper-case L in "Plist" and "Glist"
Pg. 404, 17.4.5:  2nd sentence:  "...access only one side at a
Pg. 420, C.2:  Use American spelling of color (not colour)
Pg. 423, Table D.1 cont'd:  Line 2F 00:  does the "S" after
"command" belong there?
     LJL - Yes.  Also fixed lower case `command' in table.
Pg. 431, Table E.1:  Is it Anamatic or Anamartic?
     LJL - Table is correct as shown based on current Vendor ID
Pg. 433, Table E.1, cont'd:  Should it be cap "I" in "ISI" and
     LJL - Table is correct as shown based on current Vendor ID
Pg. 3, 3.1.8:  Delete extra period:  "7.6."
Pg. 7, 4.2:  Consistent treatment of "lower case" and "lower-
case", should use hyphen
Pg.14, Fig 4:  Lower-case c in 50-contact in figure title
Pg. 65, 6.6.22:  add "message" to the end of heading, as in
6.6.21 and 6.6.23
Pg. 94, (b):  First sentence should read "set the valid
bit in the sense data to one".... matches syntax of (b)
Pg. 95,, 3rd paragraph:  Consistent capitalization of
CAT, cat, or Cat (see also 2nd paragraph, 1st paragraph
on page 97, and 1st paragraph on page 98)
Pg. 99, Note 63:  Pad areas (to match Pad bit previous page)
Pg. 130, 8.2.15:  Beginning with paragraph 5, capitalize "L" in
"DevOfL" in all instances.
Pg. 134,  right text justification glitch, top line


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