SCSI-3 Reseved fields...

Charles Monia, SHR3-2/W3, 237-6757 29-Apr-1994 1658 monia at
Fri Apr 29 13:56:48 PDT 1994

You wrote:

On parameter data checking, we discussed this years ago, and there were many 
concerns over the ability to check the data in devices with small buffers.  
Basically, it is impossible to check 64K worth of parameter data unless you have 
a 64K buffer or some other backing store.  This could be done for drives, but 
not other devices (e.g. CD-ROMs).  CDBs do not present this problem since they 
are limited in size.  I do not remember the resolution, but am not convinced by 
the wording cited - it probably read that way in SCSI-1 as well, but I know we 
did not interprete it to include parameter data in the SCSI-1 days (otherwise we 
would not have had the debate I remember).

While the above rationale makes sense to me, I believe it's appropriate to ask 
for input from the committee. I'm amenable to modifying my original proposal, 
deleting the reference to parameter data and using that as a basis for working 
group discussion.



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