Ultra SCSI Meeting Agenda

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Fri Apr 29 11:54:36 PDT 1994

                      Subject:                              Time:  9:41 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         Ultra SCSI Meeting Agenda             Date:  4/29/94
I have been asked for a draft agenda for the Ultra SCSI meeting
- here it is:

Ultra SCSI meeting, Thursday May 5, 1994, 9:30 am,
Crown Sterling Suites Hotel, Milpitas, CA


Testing Update - Bill Ham (anyone else with test data to share)

Review of Oustanding Issues
    (If you have a suggestion to make, please come prepared
    with a proposal on paper/overheads - it will make the
    discussion quicker and clearer)

    A)  Sysyem Level Issues:
         1. Maximum number of devices (currently 16 - should we
             reduce to reduce capacitance?)
         2. Stub length and spacing (agreement on wording)
         3. Maximum load capacitance and the worst case test load circuit
             if different from the current SPI circuit (see item 1 above)
         4. Termination options allowed
         5. Allow mixed configurations of 8- and 16-bit devices?

    B) Chip Level Issues:
         1. Low-level voltage levels, i.e. hysteresis levels.
         2. Maximum slew rate of 600 mv/s ?
         3. Test circuits
         4. Maximum Voh
         5. Maximum Cl the chip drivers can handle

Review of Project proposal

Review of current Ultra SCSI draft

I assume we might run out of time before getting to the last two items,
in which case they will be addressed in Harrisburg.  Priority is always
given to topics where ASIC designers can contribute, since they will
NOT be in Harrisburg.


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