ATA-2 Proposed Draft, Rev 2c Available

Steve Finch TFINCHS%A1.VAX2T.mrouter at
Fri Apr 29 08:28:17 PDT 1994

Yesterday, I posted 0948DR2C.DOC to the SCSI BBS.  This document contains 
all of the changes agreed to at the April 27, ATA Working Group meeting.  
Those interested should download a copy for reveiw.  The May 26 ATA Working 
Group meeting, in Harrisburg, will concentrate on reviewing this document.   
The goal of the ATA Working Group is to  complete review before the July 
meetings so that we can forward the document shortly thereafter.

The document can be found on the SCSI BBS in the ATA file area.  The 
document is titled:  0948DR2C.DOC.  This file is a Word for Windows 
document created on version 2.0.  The SCSI BBS telephone number is:

I will bring hard copies to Harrisburg.

If you find problems or issues with the ATA-2 document, please post those 
to the ATA reflector as soon as possible and I strongly suggest that you 
bring hardcopy (and overhead view graphs) of those comments with suggested 
corrections to the Harrisburg meeting, as we can make progress much more 
quickly that way.

Steve Finch, Chair ATA Working Group
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