RE>RE- SCSI-3 Reseved Field

jmcgrath at jmcgrath at
Thu Apr 28 18:23:17 PDT 1994

        Reply to:   RE>RE: SCSI-3 Reseved Fields a
I do not see how the suggestions address Bob's original point - the sender 
should be instructed not to set reserved bits, but the target (or logical unit - 
in my devices they are one in the same) should not be required to check them.  
Checking for reserved bits is a time consuming process (or gate consuming if 
done in hardware) - I agree with Bob that there is little reason to perform this 
cheack in the real world.

On parameter data, I do not think SCSI-2 requires any checking of parameter data 
today.  I would be opposed to an extension that would break de fecto SCSI-3 
software (i.e. exiting SCSI-2 software).


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