SCSI-3 Reseved Fields and Codes

Ralph Weber -- VMS -- ZKO3-4/U14 weber at
Thu Apr 28 15:02:01 PDT 1994

I have a small nit with the proposed new wording.  Generally, data passed as a 
extension of a command is called "parameter data" not "command data."  So, I 
suggest changing the first word in the second line of the second paragraph to 
"parameter."  After the proposed change, the second paragraph would read:

"A logical unit which receives a command descriptor block or
parameter data containing a non-zero reserved field or reserved
code value shall terminate the command with CHECK CONDITION
status. The sense key shall be set to ILLEGAL REQUEST (see the
SPC standard).  It shall also be acceptable for a  logical unit
to interpret such fields  or code values in accordance with a
future revision to an SCSI-3 standard."



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