Minutes of FCP Review Meeting, April 1994

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at eng.sun.com
Mon Apr 25 01:18:12 PDT 1994

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From:	Bob Snively (bob.snively at sun.com)

Date:	April 18, 1994

Subject:	Minutes of FCP Review meeting

The meeting was opened by Bob Snively.  It was announced that
the meeting was an approved activity of X3T10 to review the
proposed comment resolutions from the lettor ballot for 
FCP revision 8.  

Bob Snively indicated that the preliminary proposed resolutions
to the comments had been circulated by e-mail and were available
in hard copy.  Since many comments were editorial or were clear
corrections of technical errors, those proposals were not discussed
and will be reviewed by the attendees. 

The following areas of concern or comment were discussed in 
detail.  The resolutions are included below.


This addressed comments 82-108, 156-166, and perhaps some others.

After reviewing FC-SB, it became clear that FC-SB did not completely
address all the login options that were important.

The goals for PRLI/PRLO were stated:
   1)	PRLI should be optional.  Implicit PRLI is acceptable.
   2)	PRLI should be able to provide information without
	forming a mandatory image pair relationship.
   3)	PRLI should be able to form mandatory image pair
	relationships as required by FC-SB.
   4)	Name services and other magic should not be required
	for normal operation.

These goals require the following changes to the FC-SB protocol.  These
changes must also be propagated to FC-EP.
A proposal will be sent out to address these questions.

B)	Class 3 Interlock

This addressed comments 53 and 75.

There has been some significant work done that has probably
removed the requirement for Class 3 Interlock.  By using ULP
timers and following certain assumptions of successful 
behavior during the presentation of FCP_RSP IUs, behavior
equivalent to interlock can be achieved.  

C)	Reset Other Port

This function is not included in SAM.  The document 93-041 
apparently defines a command to test the status of other
ports of a multiple port SCSI device.  At present, the
function is outside the scope of the FCP.  A comment will be
generated for SAM to see if multi-port management should
be included among the standard task management functions.

D)	Target Transfer Disable/Continue

This function was discussed, but is not included in SAM.
As a result, it is not included in FCP.  There was some
feeling that the function was not appropriate for devices
with a Fibre Channel attachment.

E)	Conversion of 5.3 to an annex.

There was consensus that it was desirable to move the
examples of section 5.3 to an annex.

F)	Data Length Checking

The question of whether or not DL_FCP was a useful
or required function was discussed.  The concensus was
that it might not be required and could be deleted from the
FCP.  An e-mail discussion will take place to consider this


The modifications proposed as a response to comment 15
were discussed.  There appeared to be consensus that
the inclusion of an FQXID format using Operation Associators
would extend the definition sufficiently.

H)	Resource Limitation

The modifications proposed as a response to comment 33
were discussed.  The information provided by the concurrent
sequence values from the login are sufficient to manage the

I)	Abort Task Set

The Abort Task Set task management function should be mandatory.

J)	Mandatory vs Optional

The wording from SAM will be used, modified to apply to
the FPC FC-4.

K)	Other issues

The remaining issues will be reviewed 
through e-mail and hard-copy communication.  
A formal and updated revision of the responses will be 
published through both e-mail and in hard copy.  A
new revision, 008a will be prepared and will be mailed
in time for consideration at the next SCSI meeting.


	Jim Coomes		Seagate
	Tim Johnson		Cray Research
	Norm Harris		Adaptec
	Larry Lamers		Adaptec
	Gene Milligan		Seagate
	Lansing Sloan		Lawrence Livermore National Lab
	Bob Snively		Sun Microsystems
	Todd Sprenkle		Tandem
	Jeff Stai		Western Digital Corporation
	Gary Stephens		FSI Consulting Services
	Peter Walford		DemoGraFX
	Neil Wanamaker		Amdahl
	Jeff Williams		HP
	Carl Zeitler		IBM Austin

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