Giles comment on "hot plug capacitance limit"

Gerry Houlder Gerry_Houlder at
Mon Apr 25 14:53:51 PDT 1994

Our discussions at the last SCSI Working Group meeting resulted in a
recommendation that "hot plugged" devices never be connected to TRMPWR. This
very nicely gets around the capacitance issue because the device can't load the
TRMPWR line if it isn't connected to it. It would be up to the system
integrator to figure out how to delete this connection to hot-plugged devices,
but our discussion suggested that the system connection (e.g., cabling,
backpanel) take care of this detail.
The only disadvantage is that the TRMPWR must be provided to the bus by
something that is never hot-plugged (a terminator, an initiator). Each system
designer will have to decide how important this disadvantage really is, but
those at the meeting thought this disadvantage was very minor.
I think Paul agreed to incorporate this recommendation into his proposal
instead of the capacitance limitation, but I'll let Paul speak to that.
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