Use of Reflector for Recruiting Purposes

John Lohmeyer jlohmeye at ncr-mpd.FtCollinsCO.NCR.COM
Fri Apr 22 07:45:24 PDT 1994

"phil verinsky wrote:"
> Has it become acceptable practice to use the reflectors for recruiting new
> employees?  Up until now we thought it was for exchange of technical issues.

I will send the following message to all new people who join the SCSI

	Welcome to the SCSI Reflector, which is provided and maintained by
	NCR Microelectronics--a division of AT&T Global Information
	Solutions.  This reflector exists to discuss SCSI technical issues
	and to disseminate SCSI standards-related information (minutes,
	meeting notices, etc.).  It is NOT intended to carry commercial
	traffic.  People who post advertisements, job offers, etc. will be
	summarily removed from the reflector.

	Please send any future administrative requests (add/delete/change
	email addresses) to: scsi-request at

	To post a message to the SCSI Reflector, send it to:
	scsi at

If I continue to see violations of this policy, I will turn this reflector 
into a moderated reflector.  I don't want to do so as it would mean that
someone (probably me) would have to read every posting prior to it being
distributed.  This would add considerable work and would drastically
increase reflector latency.

> If the reflector's policy allows employee recruiting, be prepared to have
> an avalanche of head hunters join the reflector list!

More likely I would see an avalanche of technical people wanting their names
removed.  Pretty soon the head hunters would have the reflector to themselves.


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