X3T10 Letter Ballots

John Lohmeyer jlohmeye at ncr-mpd.FtCollinsCO.NCR.COM
Tue Apr 19 10:39:35 PDT 1994

There are seven (7) X3T10 letter ballots due to close May 12th, which 
have been mailed directly to the X3T10 Principal members.  Copies of 
these letter ballots are enclosed in the April '94 X3T10 mailing.  The 
documents being balloted are in the X3T10 mailing:

   Document Number                        Description
--------------------- ---------------------------------------------------
X3T10/94-090R0        Letter  Ballot for SAM Forwarding
X3T10/94-091R0        Letter  Ballot for SBP Forwarding
X3T10/94-092R0        Letter  Ballot for ATA-3 PH Project Proposal
X3T10/94-093R0        Letter  Ballot for ATA-3 XPT Project Proposal
X3T10/94-094R0        Letter  Ballot for ATA-3 PI Project Proposal
X3T10/94-095R0        Letter  Ballot for ATA-3 BC Project Proposal
X3T10/94-096R0        Letter  Ballot for Fast-20 Project Proposal

Apparently due to the large size of the X3T10 mailing (and/or the 
trucking strike), the U.S. Postal Service has been rather slow in 
delivering the mailing to some X3T10 members.  The mailing went out on
April 12th (technically in time for 30-day ballots ending May 12th).  
I received my copy of the mailing on Friday April 15th, but some 
members still haven't received it.

I encourage X3T10 Principals (or their designated Alternates) to 
complete their letter ballots by May 12th and fax their responses to 
me (at 719-597-8225), however I will extend the deadline for those who 
need the extra time.  

If you require extra time, please hand carry your ballots (and comments, 
if any) to the Harrisburg meetings and give them to me no later than
Tuesday morning May 17th.  If you need the extension and are not 
attending the Harrisburg meetings, please fax your responses to me at the
hotel (Fax 717-561-8398) and note on the Fax cover page that I am
a guest arriving 5/16/94.  In order to permit timely resolution of 
comments, I plan to disclose the letter ballot comments on May 17th.

In all cases, I will need an electronic copy of any comments you have
on any of the ballots.

P L E A S E  use the extension only if you really need it.


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