List of I/O interface reflectors

John Lohmeyer jlohmeye at ncr-mpd.FtCollinsCO.NCR.COM
Mon Apr 4 10:12:54 PDT 1994

As I promised at the last X3T10 meeting, here is the list of I/O interface
reflectors that I had on my foil.

John Lohmeyer
                       I/O Interface Reflector Information

Reflector Name    Subscribe/Unsubscribe          Broadcast to Reflector
----------------- ------------------------------ -----------------------------
SCSI              scsi-request at scsi at
ATA               majordomo at           ata at
ATAPI             majordomo at           atapi at
SSA               majordomo at           ssa at
IEEE P1394        bob.snively at        p1394 at
Small Form Factor bob.snively at        sff_reflector at
IPI               majordomo at            ipi-ext at
HIPPI             majordomo at            hippi-ext at
Fibre Channel     majordomo at            fibre-channel-ext at
Fibre Channel     majordomo at            fc-ip-ext at
Internet Protocol

All of the majordomo reflectors are automatic.  To subscribe or unsubscribe, 
send a message to the majordomo subscribe/unsubcribe address with a blank 
subject line and a line in the message body of the following format:

command  reflector_name  your_email_address


subscribe ata myname at
subscribe ssa myname at
subscribe atapi myname at
subscribe fibre-channel-ext myname at
subscribe fc-ip-ext myname at
subscribe hippi-ext myname at
subscribe serial-hippi-ext myname at
subscribe ipi-ext myname at
unsubscribe ata myname at

The other reflectors are managed by humans who are a little less picky 
about the request format, but not quite as prompt.

If you have a modem but do not have an internet email address, you can read 
the reflector messages (but not post) by calling the SCSI BBS at 719-574-0424.

John Lohmeyer                      E-Mail:  John.Lohmeyer at FtCollinsCO.NCR.COM
NCR Microelectronics                Voice:  719-573-3362
1635 Aeroplaza Dr.                    Fax:  719-597-8225
Colo Spgs, CO 80916              SCSI BBS:  719-574-0424 300--14400 baud

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