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Jeff Stai stai at
Fri Apr 1 09:32:12 PST 1994

April 1, 1995

Colorado Springs - Accredited Standards Committee X3T10 announced a new
project, "Ultra SCSI Loop System (USeLesS)", has been approved for
development. USeLesS will bring all of the advantages of other loop
topologies to parallel SCSI, extending its lifetime far beyond what
anyone imagined.

Spearheaded by Analog Equipment Corporation, the new project will give
new impetus to the ongoing Ultra SCSI effort. "Ultra SCSI by itself was
pretty neat, but there are a few advantages of serial interfaces we
just haven't gotten around to copying", said Joe Bacon of Analog. "With
USeLesS, we are finally getting around to picking up these loose ends."

USeLesS will feature "spatial reuse", a feature commonly touted by the
Serial Storage Architecture (SSA) afficianados. This allows more than
one operation to be active on the interface at any time. "Now we can
finally pitch incredible performance estiamtes, just like the SSA
guys", said Bacon. "Since Ultra SCSI must run point-to-point on a
single ended interface, we can make use of each segment independently.
Just imagine all the neat things we can do!"

Fred Door of the Connector Working Group was ecstatic. "With USeLesS,
each drive now will sit as a node on a loop. We get to sell two
parallel SCSI connectors per drive!", said Door. "We're so tickled,
we're considering roasting TWO pigs at the next Florida working group!"

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