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John Lohmeyer jlohmeye at ncr-mpd.ftcollinsco.NCR.COM
Tue Dec 28 11:35:34 PST 1993

Attached is the "official" press release on the formation of X3T10 (formerly
X3T9.2).  I was pretty busy at the time it was issued so I declined Lynn's
offer to input on the wording.  Please do not blame Lynn for the omission of
mentioning several projects, particularly ATA et al.  Also, please note that
the X3T10 meeting will occur on Thursday January 13th beginning at 1:00 pm.
It may run through Friday January 14th if we do not finish on Thursday.

Please NOTE:  No one is an automatic member of X3T10.  You must attend the
              meeting on 1/13/94 to obtain voting membership.  If you do
              not attend this meeting, then you may join X3T10 per the normal
              rules (attend 2 of 3 consecutive meetings).  This means that
              there will be no new members in March, but there could be new
              members in May.

I expect that all observer members of X3T9.2 will receive a 1994 invoice for
X3T10.  This will probably be delayed until after the first X3T10 meeting,
because we need to take a vote on whether or not we wish to continue to use
the subscription mailing program (of course, we do!).

John Lohmeyer


Accredited Standards Committee
X3, Information Processing Systems*

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                                               Date: December 3, 1993
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* Operating under the procedures of the American National Standards Institute
X3, Secretariat, Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association 
(CBEMA) 1250 Eye Street NW, Suite 200, Washington DC  20005-3922
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X3 Announces the Formation of a Technical Committee,
X3T10 - Lower Level Interface

Washington, D.C. -- Accredited Standards Committee X3, Information Processing 
Systems, announces the formation of a new Technical Committee, X3T10 - 
Lower Level Interface.

X3T10 (formerly X3T9.2), is responsible for the development of the Small 
Computer System Interface (SCSI) series of standards.  X3T10 currently has 
twenty projects within its area of responsibility.  With the revision of the 
SCSI-2, X3.131:199x standard nearing completion, the focus will now be on the 
many different parts of the SCSI-3 document.

The X3T10 task group, X3T10.1, Serial Storage Architecture (SSA) will be 
meeting in conjunction with X3T10 and focus on the development of computer 
peripheral interfaces.  With simple, low cost connections and small connectors 
and cables, the SSA is intended to meet the needs of the next generation of 
smaller, faster computer peripherals.  The SSA will allow SCSI command 
software to operate over a serial link to as many as 127 devices.

X3T10 will also be developing U.S. positions and serve as part of the U.S. 
TAG (Technical Advisory Group) to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25/WG4.

The organizational meeting of X3T10 is scheduled for January 10-15, 1994, at 
the Catamaran Resort Hotel, 3999 Mission Blvd., San Diego, CA  92109.  The 
meeting will begin at 9:00 am.  For reservation information at the hotel, 
please call (619) 488-1081.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. John Lohmeyer                   Ms. Lynn Barra
X3T10 Convener                      X3 Secretariat
AT&T/NCR Corporation                1250 Eye Street NW
1635 Aeroplaza Dr.                  Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO  80916         Washington, DC  20005
(719) 573-3362	                    (202) 626-5738

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