[T10] BDA and Mt.Fuji activity report (MMC related)

Bill Martin bill.martin at samsung.com
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Keiji Katata

Thank you for the updated reports and the updated version of the "Blu-ray Disc Multi-Media Command Set Proposal". I have uploaded this as T10/18-018r0 on the T10 website. I will update the T10 plenary at our next meeting on March 15th with the status of your work.

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Subject: BDA and Mt.Fuji activity report (MMC related)

Dear Bill and all,

I have two reports and two requests for each.

1.      BDA activity report

Last year, Blu-ray Disc Association created 4K, 8K Broadcast Recording format specification on the recordable Blu-ray Discs.
Then "Blu-ray Disc Multi-Media Command Set Proposal for INCITS" was slightly changed.
Version numbers of the listed "BD Format specifications" in the document were updated.
About changes, please refer to section "1.1 Change History".

Could you please find an attached "Version 1.50" PDF file and update "15-256R0  2015/10/28  Blu-ray Disc (BD) Multi-Media Command Set Proposal for INCITS" on T10 website?

2.      Mt. Fuji group activity report

According to BDA's "4K, 8K Broadcast Recording format specification" development, AACS LA and BDA proposed to update Mt. Fuji specification. AACS2 Recordable items and above changes included.
About changes, please refer to section "1.9 Change history".

The new version "Version 9, Revision 2.00" is available at following ftp.

Could you please update "15-258R0  2015/10/28  Mt. Fuji Commands for Multimedia Devices ,  SFF and Mt. Fuji" on T10 website?

Please send any question to me.

Best regards,

Keiji Katata
Pioneer Corp.
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