[T10] Approval of meeting dates for 2019 and host for November 2018

Bill Martin bill.martin at samsung.com
Tue Jan 9 21:02:00 PST 2018

Microsemi has volunteered to host our November 2018 meeting possibly in Vancouver Canada. I have entered this as well as proposed dates for 2019. I would like to approve Microsemi as host and the 2019 dates, so please review and come with comments to the plenary. The plan is for all meetings going forward to be Tuesday through Thursday (same as this week) even though the current program only allows for putting in the entire week in the calendar.

Proposed 2019 dates:
January 7 - 11
March 11 - 15
May 6 - 10
July 15 - 19
September 9 - 13
November 4 - 8

Bill Martin
Chair INCITS T10
Co-Chair SNIA Technical Council
SSD I/O Standards
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
Cell (408) 499-1839

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