[T10] SAS-4 updates made as a result of the review of the INCITS draft

Alvin Cox alvin.cox at seagate.com
Tue Jan 2 09:40:02 PST 2018

During a review of INCITS 534, substantive changes were found that need to
be made to correct the standard. These issues are found in material that
was added per letter ballot comments. For those versed in the art, the
changes are obvious mistakes based on the context and figures. In
anticipation of INCITS requiring a public review of the changes, I created
a revision 10 of SAS-4 on 12/1 and posted it on 12/12/17 after confirmation
from INCITS that a new public review would be required.

The changes between SAS-4 r09 and SAS-4 r10 are documented in T10/18-004.
This proposal documents all editorial changes plus the substantive changes.
The substantive changes are:

*Page 183: <>: The equation for 2.08 – 4.79 GHz
changed to have a minus sign instead of plus sign between 7.9 and 13.3
(verified with author of 17-069r2):[-7.9 - 13.3 log10(3 GHz/f)] dBPage
183: <>: The equation for 0.30 – 6.00 GHz changed to
have a minus sign instead of plus sign between 12.7 and 13.3 (verified with
author of 17-069r2) and the log should have a subscript 10:[-12.7 - 13.3
log10(3 GHz/f)] dBThe 6.00 GHZ for the last range changed to 4.79 GHz to
continue from the previous range call out. (Copy and paste error from
previous section.)Page 184: figure 128: The vertical axis changed to
increment by 5 instead of 2. This error is obvious from the equations it
represents. (Carry over from generating from figure 127.)*

There is an additional sentence deletion in an informative annex that is no
longer correct since SAS-4 changed to compliance points for the TxRx

Page 303:
G.3.2: Deleted sentence “Although interoperability points are defined at
the chip package pins in some standards (e.g., Ethernet XAUI), this
standard does not define requirements at chip package pins”.

All updates were discussed during the SAS PHY call on 12/14/17 and there
was unanimous support that we forward SAS-4r10 for INCITS public review.
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