[T10] CAP schedule for Tuesday and Wednesday

Bill Martin-SSI bill.martin at ssi.samsung.com
Mon Mar 7 21:13:57 PST 2016

The CAP schedule for Tuesday and Wednesday has been updated to reflect the lack of time to complete SAT-4 today. We will start with Dennis Appleyard at 9:00 Tuesday morning followed by Bind toipics until 1:50 and then some additional time for SAT-4. There is still time on Wednesday afternoon for revisiting items as well.

The updated schedule may be found at http://www.t10.org/disk/cap_sch.htm

See you in the morning!

Bill Martin
Vice Chair SNIA Technical Council
Vice Chair INCITS T10
SSD I/O Standards
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
Cell (408) 499-1839

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