[T10] Still not receiving the announcements for SAS PHY Calls

Ralph Weber roweber at ieee.org
Thu Mar 3 10:47:49 PST 2016

Dear Mr. Hong,

Your subscription is for an email digest (i.e., the Set Digest Mode is 
set to on).

Email digests are built from accumulated postings at a rate determined 
by the Mailman software. The Mailman assumption when this feature is 
enabled is that recipients prefer time lags in the message received over 
a barrage of incoming messages when several Reflector participants 
decide to debate something in a flurry of messages.

The most recent digest mailed is the one shown in your message, 
specifically Vol 8, Issue 2. The Phy Call announcement appears poised to 
be the first entry in Vol 8, Issue 3.

Perhaps a change in your Set Digest Mode setting is in order.

Alternatively, the current status of calls is available from the 
http://www.t10.org/meeting.htm#other web page. It had contained the 
agreed timing of the meeting since shortly after the January T10 meeting 
week. The call details were added yesterday shortly after the agenda 
announcement was posted to the T10 reflector and received by the chair's 
non-digest account.

All the best,


On 3/3/2016 12:11 PM, David Hong wrote:
> Hi,
> I’m just letting you know that I am still not receiving the 
> announcement updates for the SAS PHY calls.
> I even re-subscribed with my Microsemi e-mail I still don’t get anything.
> I get e-mail from t10-request and t10-bounces, but I am not receiving 
> the ones I want/need for my work group.
> Can you help me resolve this once and for all?
> Thanks.
> *David Hong*
> Tech Lead Mixed-Signal Design Engineer
> Microsemi
> David.hong at microsemi.com <mailto:David.hong at microsemi.com>

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