[T10] Discussion of losses during today's SAS PHY call

Alvin Cox alvin.cox at seagate.com
Thu Mar 3 09:55:51 PST 2016

I realize the topic was somewhat abstract regarding loss allocation, but I
think have come up with an way to express what the concern is.

We have in the past had many of the transmitter and receiver
characteristics defined at the connector. Tables for these characteristics
applied to both IT and CT or IR and CR (or the subscripted versions). The
channel models in 14-072 show a different amount of loss between IT/IR and
the package (drive channel on slide 11) versus CT/CR and the package
(channel with external cable on slide 12). Since the channel specification
is from package to package, there still needs to be a set of requirements
at IT/IR and CT/CR to provide interchangeability of devices or external
cables. With different allocations for loss between the connector and the
package for internal (e.g., IT) versus external (e.g., CT), the
characteristics defined at IT/IR and CT/CR will likely be different, thus
requiring different table entries unless the loss allocations from the
connector to the package are made the same.

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